Monday, February 4, 2013

How to Mixing Colors in CorelDRAW

In CorelDRAW you can always fill an object with given default colors in color palette. If you feel it isn't the right color, then what would you do? If you don't konw about it, don't worry i'm going to teach you how to do it in this CorelDRAW tutorial.
There are several ways to do it. First of all you have to create a object like this. Any object which can fill color is fine. 
This is what I draw.
I'm fill this circle with yellow color from color palette (Select the circle object and click on yellow color).
Now we have circle filled with pure yellow color. But actually I do not pure yellow. I want some thing like this.
There are sevaral ways to do that.
1st Way : 

  1. Select the object
  2. Click on yellow color on color palette
  3. Now don't move you crusor, agian click and hold on yellow color on color palette
  4. Then you will see some thing like this. Here you can see colors gradualy change one color to another. You can choose your desired color from them.

2nd Way :
This is the moest eysiest way and moest popular way to do that. 

  1. Make sure you object is select and fill with default color.
  2. Press and hold the "Control" (Ctrl) button on the keyboard and click on the color you are going to mix with. You may need to click several times to get correct color mixture. (To get this yellowish green color you need two clicks on green)
  • Mixing with black color you will get darker color and mixing with white color you will get lighter color.

If you don't know color mixing theory. Final result will be a disaster. To avoid this and get eye candy colors which are alrady mixed you can try Fill Colr Dialog box (Shift+F11)

You will definetly find the color what you are looking withing Models, Mixers, Palettes tabs. Try to experiment with various setting in this dialog box, definetly it will help in the future.

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