Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Vectorize a Image in CorelDRAW (Trace a Bitmap Image)

Converting a bitmap to a vector image is often useful when dealing with logos, symbols, dress making industry and advertising field etc. Vector images have some benefits over bitmap (raster) images here are some
  • Virtually scalable to infinite size
  • Very small file size compared to bitmap image & it is not depend on scale of image
  • Most of industry level machines are support only for vector images (plotters, sawing machine)
Simple images with few flat plain colors can easily convert to vector image without any problems. But converting a complex image with complex color combination is very hard and must have artistic skills and excellent knowledge about software which is going to use. 

Here I'm going to show you how to convert simple image to a vector image. If you are ready follow these steps. Or if you interested rather hard way in creating every thing from beginning shapes and lines. Here is it.

  • Choose a image as simple as possible and acceptable image size. I'm going to use this angry bird image  

  • Drag it into the coreldraw work space. Select it and choose Clip art from Bitmap > Trace Bitmap menu.
  • Now you have something like this (Click on the image to see in full size)

  • Select "Before and After" from preview menu. Now you and see both original image and vector image. Select "Delete original image" & "Remove Background" form option menu. If you have plain white background color like me this will remove it automatically. Adjust the "Smoothing" & "Detail" slides until you get a satisfactory result. Press OK to generate vector image.
  •  Now you have freshly created Hot Hot Angry Bird image as below.
Done ! You just created a vector image. Now you can do some fun things with this vector image much harder to do in bitmap image. I'm going to change the color little bit. To do that Select vector image and press "Ungroup" button at the menu bar.

Now you can select each color separately and fill them with any color as you wish. After changing colors, don't forget to group it. Here are what I have done.

I will add this and all the Angry Birds template in a single file for easy access in later post.

Click here to download this + other angry bird templates.
Set 1
Set 2


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