Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How to easily get a duplicate of a object in CorelDRAW?

This was a stupid problem I have when using CorelDRAW few years ago. When I looking at more experience users using coreldraw they do this easily with no effort. If you coreldraw user you will using this all the time. If you are not a coreldraw user and like to learn coreldraw you will have to learn this trick (Shortcut) otherwise you will definitely dump coreldraw after few days.

Just think you want to get a print of label all over the sheet like below.
In regular way, you draw a object and then get a copy using "Ctrl+C" short cut. Place it some ware just measuring and aliening only just with your eye. This is neither just inefficient nor neat. 

Then what is the efficient and betterway? That is the you are going to learn now.

1. Create the object you want to make duplicate

2. Select the object using ''pic tool'' 
3. This is the tricky part. If you using desktop computer most probably you have number pad at the right hand corner of you keyboard. Now just press "+" sign key (Before do this make sure Num Lock is ON). If you haven't got number pad on you keyboard--> I don't know what to do   
4. After pressing "+" sign you will not see any difference. But new copy of your object is just created on top of your old object. Now you all have to do is move new object to somewhere.To move your new object without loosing aline either horizontal or vertical, Press and hold Shift button and drag new object to a new position.   

5. If you done above  procedure correctly, now you can get duplicates of your object. To get this job done press "Ctrl+D". You will see new duplicate appear after you second object. To make another duplicates press and hold down Ctrl and press D until you get enough objects. 

6. Now select all the object as bellow and press "+" , hold down shift key and drag down vertically. Press and hold Ctrl and press D until get enough duplicate objects.

If you followed the above steps correctly now you definitely have something like above. Ah... Sorry, I forgot to tell one little thing. To center all objects in the paper. Select all the objects. Group them using Ctrl+G command. Press "P" to center it.

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